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Green Silver Turquoise Ring

It has always been more rare to have a Green Silver Turquoise Ring. Most jewelers have always used the blue shades of turquoise or the aqua blue turquoise in their silver turquoise rings. Green Turquoise is more rare than Blue Turquoise. This is one of the reasons a Green Silver Turquoise Ring is more rare.

Today, a Green Silver Turquoise Ring is very fashionable and the most desired of the turquoise silver rings. Green Turquoise comes from Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Tibet and on rare occassion from China. Green Turquoise can run from a lime green to a dark emerald green. Green Turquoise silver rings are a lot of the time made in more modern styles as the green turquoise really lends itself to new design. Green Turquoise also looks gorgeous in gold rings and jewelry.

Everyone should have a least on Green Silver Turquoise Ring!

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Green Manassa Turquoise and Silver Ring
Carico Lake Lime Green Turquoise Silver Ring

In general, Green Turquoise is from Nevada and the most well known mines is the Royston Mine, Blue Gem Mine, Dameli Mine and the Fox Mine. There are several other important Turquoise mines in Nevada such as the Lander Blue Mine, Blue Wind Mine, Red Mountain Mine, Easter Blue Mine, Tortoise Turquoise Mine, Battle Mountain Mine and many others. You can see a mine listing by state at the Turquoise Facts site. If you like gree Turquoise, we have a wonderful collection of old and new green Turquoise from various mines throughout Nevada that we have been collection and mining for many years. We invite you to come choose your favorite green Sterling Turquoise Ring from our vast collection that we offer online.

We have included a few different designs of Green Silver Turquoise Rings with stones from the different American Turquoise Mines. The classic silver ring at the top features a piece of high grade Manassa Turquoise from the Manassa Mine in Colorado. The Second Ring is a modern squid shank silver ring and features some beautiful highgrade Carico Lake Turquoise from the Carico Lake Mine in Nevada.

Broken Arrow Silver Turquoise Ring
Emerald Green Broken Arrow Turquoise Silver Ring
Mint Green Tortoise Turquoise Ring

Above are three Green Silver Turquoise Rings. The first, from left to right, is a Light Green Broken Arrow Turquoise Silver Ring, the second is an emerald green Silver and Broken Arrow Turquoise Ring, and the third ring is a mint green Tortoise Turquoise Silver Ring.

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